Zitura is known throughout the financial and watch world as the Swiss Bankers Watch. From its founding in 1952, Zitura designed 24K gold watches that were elegant, unique, and striking in appearance. The name Zitura remains synonymous with "Pure Value". The signature gold bar ingot dial was conceived by Zitura in the 1980s for a customer in the Middle East. Designed after the pure 24K gold bar minted by the Swiss Bank Corporation, the original gold bar ingot weighed 1g and was merely glued onto the dial. Inspired by the beauty of the reflective ingot dial and the inherent value of gold, Zitura began working with the official mint of the Swiss Bank Corporation, to develop an exclusive procedure for the manufacture of pure 24K gold dials. Pure 999.5 platinum dials soon followed and the ingot dial collection became a hallmark of the Zitura brand. Zitura spent more than 20 years of research and development to produce today's high quality dials minted in Switzerland with the latest technology. Zitura maintains its leadership in design and quality of precious ingot dials and no other brand has the know how to produce a minted ingot dial. Today, the process remains a secret held by Zitura and Argor, the minting company. Zitura evolved into a Swiss luxury brand for the European and Asian market. Zitura ingot dials are well suited for Asian style and values. Pure 24K gold holds a special place in Asian cultures as a symbol of purity, value, and beauty. Over the years, Zitura has remained committed to improving the products and reinvested much of its profits into design and development. To guarantee the authenticity of our watches, each dial features the Zitura logo and other proprietary information embedded in a state-of-the-art Kinegram medallion. Zitura is the only watch manufacturer worldwide authorised to use this patented Kinegram technology on a watch dial. Zitura watches remain counterfeit proof and the customer can feel secure in the value of a genuine Zitura watch. To copy such a dial not only requires substantial investment but also the secret know- how granted exclusively to Zitura to produce the unique minted ingot dial. Zitura watches are Swiss Made with workshops located in the South of Switzerland near Lugano and the company office in Zug Switzerland. The name Zitura remains synonymous with Pure Value. In line with the esteemed image of the Swiss bank, Zitura is proud to offer the updated Swiss Bankers Watch, upholding the ideals of elegance, quality, and value.